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My Name is Tsitsi Mutendi. I am a Mom, Wife, Family Business Expert (focused on building multigenerational family wealth) and a Montessori Educationalist. Over my career, I have been a successful

  1. Fashion Creative director - Mucha (Original African Couture) Independently owned fashion label to be stocked in Zimbabwe's biggest chain store.

2. Media Professional (Created Zimbabwe's first Glossy Women Empowerment Magazine - Jewel Magazine Zimbabwe), and

3. Magazine Publisher/Editor-In-Chief (Edgars Club Magazine Zimbabwe).

And from the experience from growing in these roles in these roles, I am building the following notable Brands

1. Nhaka Legacy Planning, Family Business Services which focuses on, Family Governance Advisory,  which will nurture family communication and family enterprise continuity for Family Businesses in Africa.

2. African Family Firms (AFF)A Business Association for African Family Businesses focused on building the biggest and strongest Network for Family Businesses operation on the African continent. Giving them the support they need to build Multi-Generational enterprises.

3. Mutendi Montessori100% Montessori Methodology Based primary school in Harare.

This website is my space. I will be sharing my work and my thoughts. Particularly those on my work in Family Business Services (Focusing on Multi-generational Wealth Growth through Governance, Structuring and Succession planning) and Montessori Education. My focus and expertise is now in these three industries. I am driven to make a change here and see my impact many years from now. My Work at AIR (Africa Is Rising) speaks to the value that, in Africa, our narrative needs to be told by Africans.

You will see a lot of my work at Nhaka Legacy Planning and African Family Firms (AFF) feature on this platform. I am extremely passionate about helping people consciously create lasting legacies by creating the right Governance and Structuring for their family businesses and ultimately Succession Planning.

I will also be showcasing my work from my publishing media company. I have links to all the magazines I have published to date. I have been key in the design, setup, and editing of all the publications. With many being designed by myself. I have an in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry from my experience in magazines. I have been privileged to learn from my mentorship at TIME Inc. (2013 Mentored by Evelyn Webster), which I did through the Fortune Magazine/US State Dept Global Women's Mentoring Program.

I have paid it forward by working with the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce, Women's Desk, and Tag A Life International (TALI) where I have participated in their annual Mentorship programs and I have successfully mentored merging business women in my community.

In my blog, I will be sharing my journey as an entrepreneur in Africa. Every day is s journey into self-discovery and learning. Which brings me to the words by John Dewey, "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."

Education has shaped who I was, who I am, who I am going to be.  As an African woman, I believe that Africa Is Rising, and to rise we must put in the work required of us, and we must all contribute to building lasting and impactful legacies. The first place to start is in our education systems. It is through our education system that we will equip our future generations with the right tools to begin their journeys as much as to carry the journeys we have started for them. Followed strongly by ensuring that our businesses have SUCCESSion plans.

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